#Film Review: Incredibles 2 (Spoiler-free)

After 15 years, Mr Incredible and Elasti-girl returned to the silver screen to combat life’s greatest danger… parenthood. With thanks to Cineworld Cardiff for their ever-so-secret screening of the film, due out on July 13th in the UK, here’s my spoiler-free review of the film.

First of all. Bao, the opening short, is hard-hitting, beautiful and powerful as heck, but that’s all I’ll say on that.

The premise of the film is simple, yet intrinsically complicated as soon as you start to consider it beyond it’s face value.

Superhero’s have been outlawed, and for the last 15 years, they’ve been (conveniently) sidelined. Despite the laws being against them, it doesn’t stop Violet, Dash and Jak Jak from supporting their ever-loving parents to kick some animated ass.

The main foil for the super-family this time out is the ScreenSlaver. A mysterious entity that uses epileptic-fit inducing strobes to hypnotise anyone and everyone glued to a screen.

Elasti-girl is singled out as the main hero of the family this time round, being shipped off to get up to some undisclosed superhero hijinx. Leaving Bob Parr, not Mr Incredible, to babysit the three children in mother’s place. Life as a single parent can be hard but it’s nothing compared to being a single parent of three super-powered children.

One of which is a multi-talented baby that literally steals every single scene that he’s in. Jak Jak is the truest star of this film and it would be nowhere near as good without him. Dash gets in over his head and Violet get’s in to teenage issues whilst looking increasingly tired. giphy-21

However the message of the film stays the same, as the family comes together in the final act, the power of the love in the family is what gets them there.

Frozone plays a bigger part here than in the original but there’s no quote rolling off my tongue like “Where’s my supersuit?” but Samuel L. Jackson is as good as ever in the role.

Bob Odenkirk of ‘Better Call Saul’ fame stars as the newly introduced character, Winston Deavor. He’s the driving force behind the plot to get superhero’s legalised once more, and he also plays a vital role later on in the story but that’s not to be said here. *eyes emoji*

With the hype following the first film. The insanely long wait for the follow-up. The build-up to it’s release and everything in between, it would be expected that it the hype would surpass the film itself, but, I can say, with hand on heart. It doesn’t. This film is, pardon the pun, Incredible™

Just go in. Regress to being a child and enjoy the two hour rollercoaster that is Incredibles 2. I cannot recommend it enough. In all honesty, one of my favourite Pixar films ever. Enjoy, supers.



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